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Expanding throughout Africa! Team Leaders Needed Urgently!


 If The Celebrities Can Get Paid To Promote Perfume Why Can't You?

The perfume and cosmetics  industry is worth billions of $ globally

 View the short presentation below base on the UK Business. You will see why FM Group is expanding at such a rapid pace throughout  Africa and Internationally. Find out  how we  can help you be successful

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To see your own country's profit plan see FM Africa

  Who do you know who loves perfume or who uses aftershave or wears makeup?

 Who do you know who would like to make some extra income?

Who do you know likes fun, meeting people and new challenges?

Your Success is Our Success!


FM Group is a global opportunity,dou can work in Africa, but built your business globally.


Who do you know who lives in a country where FM has an office?


 Build yourself a great part-time or full time income, have fun, meet  new friends and of course help yourself, friends and family to smell great and look great as well, using our gorgeous  FM products. 
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Low startup costs, No ongoing monthly commitment, No need to buy stock, No minimum order to earn commission no need to buy catalogues monthly as they only change yearly.


Part Time or Full Time It's your choice! 

Whether you are looking to earn an extra £20 or so a week or £20000 a month, it really is possible with the FM Group and we are here to help you! 
Don't miss this great opportunity!
Find out more about our great
FM Business and how you we can
help you to "get paid to smell great"
Free To Join! No Risk! No monthly committment! No targets to meet! No minium order! No Credit Checks! 

We promise no hype,  no false promises, no overpriced products,  just a simple, no nonsense business plan that works.

 Please don't let past failures, fear of risk or indecision stop you grasping this opportunity with both hands.